Pergo Original Excellence – Sensation WLP Rocky Mountain Plank

Price per m2: £46.00 inc VAT
Price per pack: £135.79 inc. VAT



Do You Dream of a soft-wood floor but worry about the durability ? Check out pergo’s New Sensation Floors

A New Generation of laminate floors are an invitation to your senses. The authentic true to nature looks makes it impossible to tell a Sensation Laminate floor from the real thing. A new matt finish adds to the wood like feeling and enhances the natural look. The size of each individual plank really allows the room to come to life, and every sensation floor surface is sealed and is 100 per cent water-resistant.


Class 33
Pack Size 2.952
Plank Dimensions 2050x240x9.5
Plank Thickness
Surface Protection
Aqua Safe Yes

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